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Mark Tylor


Katie Shepherd

About South Wilts Driving Tuition

South Wilts Driving Tuition was founded in 2003 Mark Tylor and Katie Shepherd have been working together ever since. Mark now concentrates on teaching automatic transmission whilst Katie still teaches manual. As you can imagine we have built up a wealth of experience and local knowledge over the years and look forward to serving the community for years to come. Both Katie and Mark are grade A instructors. We teach in the Salisbury city area with extensive knowledge of the local areas and test routes.


The cost of an hourly lesson as from the1st of January 2024 is £45.00 for both Manual and Automatic lessons

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Terms And Conditions

South Wilts instructors have a calm and professional attitude and are committed to the job that they do.  Our instructors run their own businesses and conduct it within the guidelines we set down.  They supply and service their own vehicles insure them and carry out all repairs and pay all their professional fees. They provide fuel and training aids. This is our full time work and we expect the same level of commitment from our students. By booking a lesson with us we expect you to;

  • Be on time for your appointment at the mutually agreed location

  • All lessons must be paid for in full when booking by bank transfer. No refunds will be given. If the lesson is not paid for within 24 hours it will be deleted.

  • We will never tolerate abuse in any form whatsoever.

  • Whilst under the tutelage of our instructor you are expected to conduct yourself in a fit and proper manner and obey any reasonable instruction given by our instructor.

  • When booking a practical driving test it must be remembered that the fee is paid to the DVSA and we will charge our hourly rate for the use of our vehicles. Should you book a practical test without first agreeing this with your instructor, then it is possible that, should your instructor not consider you at the required standard, they will not take you to that test

  • .All lessons booked must be paid for.


Should you have cause to complain about an instructor you should email Mark in the first instance on the email above. We will take any complaint seriously and inform you of the outcome.


Katie Shepherd



Mark Tylor

Mob. 07769266317


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